April 29, 2019
Special Meeting

  • Meeting call to order by Mayor Patrick Bates at 7:00pm.
  • Roll Call by Clerk Connie Duke, all council member present.
  • Mayor opened discussion about property located next to Berlin Community Center. Changes as follows from previous approval to make offer on property.
    Contract on back corner of property, approximately 3 acres.
    • Asking $229,000.00 for remainder
    • Agent does not think they would split up remainder of property
  • Discussion of any other potential property for sale.
  • Motion made by Don Bates and second by Donald Gunter to offer $205,000.00. Passed 6-0.
  • Mayor reminded everyone of ethics filing.
  • Mayor presented information from email sent by League of Municipality concerning Police Jurisdiction. If the bill passes Cities/Towns will have 90 to decide on Police Jurisdiction. This decision would be binding for duration of Town existence.
  • Motion to adjourn by Jimbo Quick, 2nd by Bud Reed. Passed 6-0.
  • Adjourned at 7:50pm.
  • Next meeting will be May 20, 2019.
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