Invitation to Bid

Community Storm Shelter

The Purchasing Department will receive sealed bids until 6:45 P.M., JULY 17, 2023. Sealed bids will be opened and read in the Council Chambers of Town Hall, located at 461 County Road 1615 Cullman, AL 35058.


1.01.    Purpose

The Town of Berlin is actively seeking bids from qualified bidders, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, for the purpose of providing and installing one community storm shelter, address to be determined within the Town of Berlin. The successful bidder agrees to furnish all necessary labor, tools, equipment and materials required to perform and complete all work required for the project at the location listed above in full accordance with the specifications, terms, and conditions contained in this Invitation to Bid (ITB).

1.02.    Information or Clarification

For information concerning procedures for responding to this ITB, contact Town Clerk, Keirstyn Montgomery (256) 736-3138. Such contact is to be for clarification purposes only. Material changes, if any, to the technical specifications or bidding procedures will only be transmitted by written addendum.

1.03.    Questions and Addendum

Any questions that bidders wish to have addressed and which might require an addendum must be submitted to the Town of Berlin, Town Clerk in writing at least 7 days prior to bid due and open date.

1.04.    Site Visit

There is no pre-bid conference and site visit scheduled.

It is recommended that bidders inspect the location to be serviced prior to submission of a bid. No variation in price or conditions shall be permitted based on a claim of ignorance. Submission of the bid is evidence that the bidder has familiarized themself with the nature and extent of the work and any conditions that may, in any manner, affect the scope of the work and/or materials required.

1.05.    Competency of Bidders

Bids shall be considered only from firms that have been continuously engaged in providing services similar to those specified herein for a reasonable period and that are presently engaged in the provision of these services. It may be necessary to produce evidence that they have established a satisfactory record of performance for a reasonable period of time.

1.06.    Performance

It is the intention of the Town of Berlin to obtain the services as specified herein from a source of supply that will give prompt and convenient service. The awarded bidder must be able to perform as required under the Scope of Services. Any failure of a successful bidder to comply with these conditions may be cause for terminating any resulting contract immediately upon notice by the Town of Berlin. The Town of Berlin reserves the right to obtain these services from other sources, when necessary, should a successful bidder be unable to perform on a timely basis, and such delay may cause harm to the using department or town residents.

1.07.    Contract Term

The initial term of this contract shall be 60 working days. The Town of Berlin reserves the right to extend the contract for additional periods, providing both parties agree to the extension; all the terms, conditions, and specifications remain the same, and such extension is approved by the Town of Berlin.

1.08.    Cost Adjustments

The total cost as quoted herein shall remain firm for the term of the contract. Cost adjustments must be presented as a change order and approved by the Town Council prior to any additional work is performed. The Town of Berlin may, after examination, refuse to accept the adjusted costs if they are not properly documented, increases are considered to be excessive, or decreases are considered to be insufficient. In the event the Town of Berlin does not wish to accept the adjusted costs and the matter cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the Town of Berlin, the contract can be canceled by the Town of Berlin upon giving ten (10) days written notice to the Contractor.

1.09.    Price

Bidder will quote a firm, fixed cost on the Bid Proposal page. Pricing shall include all costs associated with this project, such as but not limited to; labor, equipment, fuel charges, management, installation, electrical, etc. Payment will be made only after service is completed and approved by the Town of Berlin.

1.10.    Evaluation/Award

Award will be made to the responsible bidder quoting the lowest total cost to the Town of Berlin. The Town of Berlin reserves the right to compare specific items, at its discretion, to determine the lowest responsible bidder. It is anticipated that an award will be made within 30 days of the bid opening.


The Town of Berlin reserves the right to waive any informalities, minor defects, or reject any and all bids. Any bid may be withdrawn prior to the above scheduled time for the opening of bids. Any bid received after the time and date specified shall not be considered. No bidder will be permitted to withdraw its proposal between the closing time for receipt of proposals and the execution of contract.

The Town of Berlin will, at its option, in awarding this contract, in compliance with Section 41-16-50, Code of Alabama 1975 will, award the bid to a supplier within its Town Limits if the bid is no more than five percent greater than the lowest responsible bidder.

The Town of Berlin may include in the specifications minimum service times. Should the vendor fail to perform service within the time allotted in the bid documents, the Town of Berlin may, at its option, exercise its right to deduct from the vendor’s billing one hundred ($100.00) dollars per day for each day the service is late. This amount is fixed and agreed upon by the successful bidder and the Town of Berlin because of the impracticability and extreme difficulty in ascertaining the actual damage the Town of Berlin would sustain in such an event.

Signing of the bid sheet by the vendor and subsequent acceptance by the Town of Berlin of the lowest responsible bid will constitute a binding agreement between the Town of Berlin and the Vendor. The Vendor understands and agrees that no contract payment will be made until the Town of Berlin certifies that all stated specifications have been complied with and the service has been performed in full and approved by the Town of Berlin.

Bids will be evaluated and submitted to the Town Council for approval as soon as possible after the bid opening.

Upon award of the contract to the successful bidder, the Town of Berlin will send a complete set of contract documents, which will include the final agreed-upon price. The Vendor will then sign the Contract Document and return them for signing by the Town of Berlin. Each party will retain a fully executed set of contracts.

The Contractor agrees to protect, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Town of Berlin and its officers, employees, and agents from and against any and all losses, penalties, damages, settlements, claims, costs, charges for other expenses, or liabilities of every and any kind including attorney fees, in connection with or arising directly or indirectly out of the work agreed to or performed by Contractor under the terms of any agreement that may arise due to the bidding process. Without limiting the foregoing, any and all such claims, suits, or other actions relating to personal injury, death, damage to property, defects in materials or workmanship, actual or alleged violations of any applicable statute, ordinance, administrative order, rule or regulation, or decree of any court shall be included in the indemnity hereunder.


1.11.    Insurance

             Any firm performing work on behalf of the Town of Berlin must provide proof of Worker’s Compensation insurance.

             A. Commercial General Liability Insurance

This coverage shall be written on an occurrence basis, including Premises-Operations, Products and Completed Operations, Broad Form Property Damage, and Contractual Liability with all aggregates on a “per job” basis in the following amounts:

                             a. General Aggregate: $2,000,000.00

                             b. Products & Operations Aggregate: $2,000,000.00

                             c. Personal & Advertising Injury: $1,000,000.00

                            d. Each Occurrence: $1,000,000.00

                            e. Damage to Rented Premises: $100,000.00

                            f. Medical Expense per Person: $5,000.00

B. Automobile Liability Insurance

Business Auto Liability Written on a “symbol 1” basis covering “any auto” and including “hired and non-owned vehicles”:

a. Combined Single Limit: $1,000,000.00

C. Workers Compensation Insurance

1.1 Employer’s Liability Insurance Part Two:

a. Bodily Injury by Accident                      $1,000,000.00 each accident

b. Bodily Injury by Disease                       $1,000,000.00 policy limit

c. Bodily Injury by Disease                       $1,000,000.00 each employee

Contractor shall furnish to the Town Clerk a “Certificate of Insurance” prior to the commencement of any work as described in Section 1.11 (A) evidencing said policy or policies of insurance for each insurance company providing coverage to Contractor showing the required insurance to be in force and certifying that said insurance will not be canceled, non-renewed, or materially changed without first giving the Town of Berlin thirty (30) days advance written notice of any such cancellation, nonrenewal, or material change; and deleting from the Cancellation Clause of the Certificate of Insurance any language that the required notice will “endeavor to” be given and “but failure to do so shall impose no obligation or liability of any kind upon the insurer, its agents or representatives.” In the event of any cancellation, nonrenewal, or material change in the insurance coverage about which the Town of Berlin receives notice, the Town of Berlin shall have the option of canceling the contract immediately. The Town of Berlin shall be named as an additional insured on the above-named policies, excluding Worker’s Compensation.


2.01.    General

The Contractor shall furnish all labor, tools, materials, and equipment necessary to accomplish the goals of this project at this facility. The price shall include any and all                     charges and shipping charges together with the price. All services shall be made on a schedule to be determined by the Town of Berlin and shall be on a timely basis. In the               event that any deposits for equipment or material are required by the bidder, such deposits shall be stated and included in the bid price.

Installation will be performed by the Contractor during regular hours of operation, except when special conditions require installation to be conducted after regular working               hours or on weekends. The Contractor is to coordinate all installation with appropriate personnel with the Town of Berlin. Any deviation from this schedule is to be reported               immediately to the Town Clerk.

2.02.    Contractor Responsibilities

The Contractor shall provide quality materials, workmanship and comply with other applicable requirements of the standard specifications of the Town of Berlin.

The Contractor shall be responsible for the Safety of the Job Site. The Contractor shall keep the premises free from an accumulation of waste material or rubbish caused                  by their operations. At the completion of the work, the Contractor shall remove all waste materials and rubbish from the work areas as well as all tools, equipment,                              machinery, and surplus materials and provide final cleaning and return the space to its original condition.

The Contractor shall comply with the applicable requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

2.03.    Permits

The Contractor must apply, pay for and obtain any and all permits required for the above work. Additional fees or fines due to violation of the rules of the permitting                             authority (is) shall be the responsibility of the Contractor. All work shall be performed in accordance with the requirements of the agency or agencies having jurisdiction                     over such work. All work shall be performed at no additional cost to the Town of Berlin.

2.04.    Location

Location to be determined within the Town of Berlin, Alabama 35058

2.05.    Laws / Ordinances

The Contractor shall observe and comply with all Federal, State, Local, and Municipal Laws, Ordinances, Rules, and Regulations that would apply to this contract.


2.06.    E-Verify Requirements

Pursuant to the requirements of the Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act (“the Act”), as a condition for the award of any contract, grant, or                           incentive by the state, any political subdivision thereof, or any state-funded entity to a business entity or employer that employs one or more employees, the business entity               or employer shall provide documentation establishing that the business entity or employer is enrolled in the E-Verify program. During the performance of the contract, the                 business entity or employer shall participate in the E-Verify program and shall verify every employee that is required to be verified according to the applicable federal rules                  and regulations. The Act also provides that no subcontractor on a project paid for by contract, grant, or incentive by the state, any political subdivision thereof, or any state-               funded entity shall knowingly employ, hire for employment, or continue to employ an unauthorized alien and shall attest to such by sworn affidavit signed before a notary.                   The subcontractor shall also enroll in the E-Verify program prior to performing any work on the project and shall attach to the sworn affidavit documentation establishing                   that the subcontractor is enrolled in the E-Verify program.

2.07.    Information

The proposer understands that the information contained in these proposal pages is to be relied upon by the Town of Berlin in awarding the proposed contract, and such                   information is warranted by the proposer to be true. The proposer agrees to furnish such additional information prior to acceptance of any proposal relating to the                               qualifications of the proposer, as may be required by the Town of Berlin.

2.08. Scope of Services

The Contractor shall provide all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to complete the work detailed below.


A. Work included:

Provide above-ground community safe room to hold approximately 100 occupants. The above-ground, pre-engineered, pre-manufactured, ¼” steel plate material tornado                   shelter with rolled rounded roof and ceiling or equivalent structural design are to meet all specifications and design criteria, must be installed on a 12” thick foundation                       with perimeter 24” deep x 12” wide footings with steel embeds placed every 8’ on center, and shall include a vapor barrier, as needed for a complete and proper                                     installation.

1. Performance criteria for tornado and hurricane shelters will be built on the design criteria in FEMA 361 Second Edition/ August 2008 publication and the manuals and                        publications listed therein, ICC 500 Building Code, the ASCE 7-05.

2. FEMA 361 manual and ASCE 7-05 present the information necessary for the computation of wind pressures and the loads imposed by winds on the walls, roof, windows,                  and doors of a sheltered area. The walls, ceiling, floor, foundation, and all connections joining these elements will be designed to resist the pressures and loads calculated                  from the design wind speed without localized element failure and without separating from one another.

3. The entire structure of the shelter must resist failure from wind pressures and debris impacts. For community shelters, the structural elements and the building envelope                  must be designed to resist wind-induced loads as well as impacts from debris.

B. Submittals

1. Product data: Contractor will submit the following in accordance with the “Qualifications for Shelter Design: acceptance:

a. Manufacturer’s specifications and other data needed to prove compliance with the specified requirements of FEMA 361, ASCE 7-05

b. Show drawings in sufficient detail of fabrication, installation, and anchorage.

c. Manufacturer’s recommended installation procedures

d. Layouts of foundation and anchor bolt specifications

e. Ventilation, providing a minimum of 15 cu. Ft. per person per minute.

f. Door(s) and door frame(s). Shelter shall have a total of two (2) handicap-accessible entryways with the door opening to the outside having a 2” overlap and 1” hinge and                    lock materials.

2. Definitions:

a. Building Width: Measured from outside to outside of side wall frame.

b. Building Length: Measured from outside to outside of end wall frame.

c. Building Height: Measured from the intersection of the top of the roof framing to the top of the concrete floor slab.


a. Design structural systems according to professionally recognized methods and standards, and legal adopted building codes

b. Design under supervision of Professional Engineer licensed in Alabama.

c. The approved design by the Professional Engineer will include the foundation/floor slab design as well as the individual shelter.


A. Resistance to loads from wind pressure for shelters.

  1. Wind pressures are to be determined using ASCE 7-05 Minimum design loads for buildings and other structures (or revisions to this standard). Pressures for the main wind force resisting system are to be used for the walls, ceiling, structural attachments and foundation system. Pressures for components and cladding are to be used for the door and other attachments to the exterior of the shelter. For computing wind pressures to be used as a service load, the wind velocity shall be minimum of 250 mph (3-second peak gust)
  2. The shelters’ walls, ceiling and floor will withstand design pressures such that no element shall separate from another (such as walls to floor, ceiling to walls). Such separation shall constitute a failure of the shelter.
  3. The entire shelters’ structure must resist failure from overturning, shear (sliding) and uplift from design pressures.
  4. The allowable stress design method shall be used for the shelters’ design for any of the construction materials selected. Unfactored load combinations shall be used in accordance with ASCE 7-05 for allowable stress design. Because of the extreme nature of the wind speed, other environmental loads, such as flood or earthquake loads, should not be added.
  5. No important factor shall be added to the pressure calculations because the extreme nature of the design event already accounts for critical nature of the shelter. Therefore, the important factor used in the design computations shall equal one. The internal gust coefficient shall be for buildings with no openings.
  6. In the event that the roof of the shelter is exposed at grade, the roof of the shelter shall be able to resist wind pressures as determined in sections 1(a) through (e).

B. Windborne missile impact resistance on shelters’ walls and ceilings.

7. Loads from windborne missile impacts must be considered. For design purposes, it is assumed that the design wind speed of 250 mph propels a 15-lb—Missile horizontally            at 100 mph. The design missile is a nominal 2×4 wood board, 12 feet long, weighing 15 lbs., striking the Shelters’ enclosure on end 90 degrees to surface. The vertical design            speed is 2/3 of the horizontal speed, or 67 mph.

8. The walls and ceilings of the Shelter must resist perforation by the design missile such that the missile does not perforate the inside most surface of the Shelter. Only                        Shelters’ wall openings used for access are permitted. Windows, skylights, or other similar openings shall not be used unless they have been laboratory tested to meet                      the missile impact criteria of section 2(a). Note: The Wind Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University has tested numerous materials and materials                                      combinations and should be contacted regarding performance of those materials.

C. Other Loads

The designer should assess whether an adjacent structure is a liability to the Shelter; that is if it poses a threat to the Shelter from collapse. If the adjacent structure is                         deemed a liability, the loads imposed upon the Shelter due to the collapse of the adjacent structure shall be considered as an additional impact load on the Shelter.

D. Shelters’ Access Doors and Door Frames

  1. The shelter’s entry door and frames shall resist the design wind pressures for components and cladding of this criteria and the missile impact loads of FEMA 361. Only doors and their frames that can resist calculated design wind pressures and are constructed of materials tested and passed by Texas Tech WISE Research Center for missile impacts are acceptable. All doors shall have sufficient points of connection to their frame to resist design wind pressure and impact loads. Unless specifically designed for, each door shall be attached to its frame with a minimum of six points of connection. Note: See the design specifications and details for Shelter doors in FEMA 361 publication were developed through calculations and laboratory testing at Texas Tech University.
  2. The doorways shall provide minimum clear opening width of 32” for wheelchair accessibility. The transition from the concrete sidewalk into the shelter must not exceed 1/4” vertical rise. If a threshold is provided, it must be wheelchair accessible.

E. Shelters’ Ventilation (FEMA 361)

  1. Forced air ventilation for the Shelter shall be provided. A protective shroud or cowling, meeting the missile impact requirements of FEMA 361, must protect any ventilation openings in the Shelter. The ventilation system must be capable of providing the minimum number of air changes for the shelter’s occupancy rating of 15 cubic feet per person per minute.
  2. All mechanical, electrical, and other equipment proving this ventilation must be protected to the same standards as the Shelter.

F. Emergency Lighting and Lighted Exit Signs

  1. Emergency lighting shall be provided for these Shelter.
  2. A lighted EXIT sign shall be installed over each door.

G. Shelters’ Accessibility

The needs of persons with disabilities requiring Shelter space must be considered, and the appropriate access for such persons must be provided in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

H. Submittals

  1. Design data: Provide detailed Design Criteria and Calculations. Design shall be certified by a professional Engineer who is licensed in the State of Alabama.
  2. Certification: Manufacturer certification that the building conforms to the contract documents and the manufacturer’s standard design procedures.
  3. Shop Drawings: Show building layout, primary and secondary framing member sizes and location, cross-section, and product and connection details.
  4. Product Data: Information on manufactured products to be incorporated into the project.
  5. Color: White
  6. Anchor Bolt Drawings: Layout with bolt diameters.
  7. Steel Embed Plate Design: Design showing layout and weld specifications for primary anchoring method.
  8. Emergency Back-Up Generator: If a generator is used, it must have protective housing. The housing should be designed and manufactured using materials the same as the Shelter and be certified by an Alabama PE.


A. Shelter shall be a pre-manufactured above-ground 1/4″ steel plate, with rolled rounded roofs and ceilings or equivalent structural design to meet all specifications and design criteria.

1. For purposes of this project the Shelter shall consist of a steel enclosure that is permanently attached to a concrete slab/foundation. The slab/foundation system and its                  reinforcement are to be designed as part of the Shelter by the manufacturer’s structural engineer.

a. The manufacturer will be responsible for the preparation of the subgrade as required to accommodate the foundation system and set the floor elevation of the Shelter as                  indicated or required to provide wheelchair access and positive drainage away from the Shelter.

B. Metal Materials

  1. Select materials and material yield strengths based on building design requirements:
  2. These above-ground Shelter, if beaming is optioned, require and additional asphalt or tar-based coating on the outside lower 40” of the sidewalls, as an approved means of protection from corrosion and also a detail showing how water will be prevented from entering the shelter.

C. Framing Components

  1. Primary Framing: Provide a welded steel frame as required to meet the design criteria.
  2. The frame shall be anchored to a cast-in-place concrete monolithic slab/foundation system that is reinforced as required by the manufacturer’s design engineer.

D. Roofs and Wall Panels Components

  1. Steel walls, rounded roof panels, or equivalent structural design to meet all specifications and design criteria. Doors and ventilation guards shall be constructed of 1/4″ thick steel materials, which have been tested and passed by Texas Tech WISE Research Center, to meet the design criteria.
  2. Panel construction shall form a weather-tight barrier and shall be attached to the primary framework as required by the design engineer.

E. Doors and Door Hardware

  1. The doors shall be operable with a minimum of force. Latches shall be operated with level-type handles that comply with the ADAAG. The door(s) shall swing out and have a 2” minimum overlap and 1” hinge and lock materials.
  2. The doorways shall provide a minimum clear opening of 32” for wheelchair access.
  3. The thresholds shall comply with the ADAAG for wheelchair accessibility.


A. Examination

  1. Verify that the size accommodates the number of occupants stated.
  2. Verify that the foundation complies with the Design Criteria and is installed correctly.
  3. Verify that the anchor bolts are the indicated size and installed as specific on the anchor bolt shop drawings.

B. Erection/Installation

  1. Erect or install building system in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, engineers’ drawings, and other documents.
  2. Make sure the entire building system works as required by engineer’s recommendations and specifications.

C. Period of Installation

Must be installed and certified within 180 days from the date of receipt of the notice to proceed.


The qualified vendor must be able to accomplish the following tasks with the construction and placement of the shelter for the Town of Berlin.

  1. Deliver and install above-ground, pre-engineered, pre-manufactured, modular 1/4’’ steel plate material Shelter with rolled rounded roofs and ceilings or equivalent structural design to meet all specifications and design criteria, including an emergency generator with a protective housing, which complies with FEMA 361 Second Edition/August 2008 Community shelter Design Criteria and is certified by an Alabama Licensed Professional Engineer.
  2. Vendor must submit with his bid proposal the drawings and specifications by the same PE for the shelter and the foundation, including Wind Analysis and Impact Calculations for an above-ground Community Storm Shelter, prepared in accordance with referenced design standards in ANSI/ASCE 7-05 Wind Loads, and FEMA 361. Drawings, specifications, and Wind Analysis/ Impact Calculations must be certified with an Alabama Licensed Professional Engineer’s Seal of Approval for the Shelter and the foundation. Documentation of testing performance by an independent testing laboratory on the anchoring system used to secure the Shelter to the foundation shall be submitted as certification of compliance.
  3. This Shelter’s installation shall each be with rolled rounded roofs and ceilings or equivalent structural design to meet all specifications and design criteria and be constructed of ¼’’ solid steel plate materials with two (2), six (6) point locking door(s), with one (1) being a keyed lock for security. Door(s) must be fully handicapped accessible. Shelter shall have a minimum 3” X 3” angle frame ribbing on 48” centers, 3/8” x 4” x 4” angle anchor frame using ¾” anchor bolts a minimum of eight (8) inches in length with bolt holes on 24” center. Shelter/Shelters’ hulls are to be anchored directly to concrete foundation and grounded, using materials required as stated in anchoring system.
  4. Vendor will provide breaker box mounting brackets, with a welded receptacle box for light and switch installations, mounting brackets for fluorescent lights and emergency lighting. Vendor shall provide a lighted EXIT sign with emergency light over each door. Shelter must be grounded at multiple locations, including the center row of seats, with copper wire and grounding rods to meet national and local electrical code requirements.
  5. Vendor must provide a powered forced air ventilation system to provide a minimum of 15 cubic feet of fresh air per person per minute. All ventilation system exterior intake/exhaust ducts must have a protective shroud or cowling that meets the same missile impact requirements as the Shelter. Intake and exhaust ducts must have interior baffles to prevent debris from entering the shelter.
  6. An additional protective coating of asphalt-based material is to be rolled on or sprayed on the lower 40 inches of the exterior Shelter’s sidewalls if the Shelter are to be harmed.
  7. Vendor will provide a concrete foundation with #5 rebar reinforcement on a 12” thick foundation and a 24” x 12” perimeter footing and shall include a vapor barrier. Vendor will form and finish the concrete.
  8. Vendor will provide backhoe services for foundation preparation.
  9. Vendor will provide Shelter’s transportation to the site.
  10. Vendor will supply crane services. For safety reasons, only a Professional Crane Service Company and an operator may be used for offloading the Shelter.
  11. A generator shall be included in the bid request; a generator, transfer switch, and generator protective covering will be provided by the vendor. A generator must have a protective cover made from the materials and be protected the same as the Shelter. The protective generator covering must have Wind Analysis/Impact Calculations certification with an Alabama Licensed Professional Engineer’s Seal of Approval and be in compliance with FEMA 361 Specifications and be preserved in the same manner as the Shelter.

Copies of the following shall be included with the bid and numbered according to the number assigned below (1-7).

  1. Drawings of the Shelter and the foundation with an Alabama PE Seal of Certification.
  2. Proof of successful door testing at Texas Tech Wind and Science Engineering Department.
  3. Proof of minimum of two (2) years’ experience constructing and installing community Shelters of similar size and specifications.
  4. Three (3) references for the satisfactory completion of the delivery and installment of comparable size community shelters and revenue volume.
  5. A bid bond or bank-issued certified check made payable to project owner in the amount of 5% of bid, must accompany bid.
  6. The bid shall also include a written statement under oath disclosing any relationship between the bidder and the architect, engineer, or other party to the project or between the officers thereof.
  7. The bid shall include a non-collusion affidavit.

Contractor Responsibilities

Time is of the essence with this project; work is expected to be completed in a timely and professional manner.

All work and installation of materials shall be performed per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

All construction debris is to be hauled away and disposed of properly by Contractor.

Job site shall be cleaned and maintained daily by Contractor.

Security and Safety of the Job Site.

Town Responsibilities

Provide access to work area.

The successful company will be required to have a current Town of Berlin business license and State Contractor’s License and supply proof of insurance.

How to Submit Bids/Proposals: It will be the sole responsibility of the Bidder to ensure that their bid reaches the Town of Berlin at or prior to the bid opening date and time listed. Do not submit by email or facsimile. Email or facsimile bids will not be accepted.

All quotes shall be submitted in writing in a sealed envelope to Town of Berlin Town Clerk on or before 6:45 P.M., July 17, 2023, at 461 County Road 1615 Cullman, AL 35058. All quotes shall be directed to the attention of Town Clerk. All quotes shall be sealed and clearly marked on the lower left-hand corner; Price Quote / Community Storm Shelter.






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