Minutes of December meeting

  • Meeting called to order on December 17, 2018 by Mayor Bates at 7:00 pm.
  • Roll Call by clerk Connie Duke. All Council members present.
  • Mayor asked for any public comments. There were none.
    Approval of November 19, 2018. Motion by Donald Gunter, 2nd by Jimbo Quick. Passed 6-0.
  • Mayor presented information and map of portion of County Road 1614 vacate request.
  • Attorney Heath Meherg Recommended that Town move forward with request and send notification to utilities and schedule hearing. Also recommended due to Town not taking control of the roads until May of 2020 to have Cullman County approve 1st.
  • Motion to accept letter and start vacate request by Jimbo Quick, 2nd by Bud Reed.
  • Mayor asked for roll call vote. Mayor Bates – abstain, Donald Gunter – yes, Jimbo Quick – yes, Matthew Blair – yes, Don Bates – abstain, Bud Reed – yes. Passed 4-0
  • Mayor presented information on available funding from E9-1-1 for street signs. Amount available for fiscal year 2019 is $75.00.
  • Mayor presented December invoices. Cullman Electric Co-op bill will be due before next Council meeting. Approved to pay amount not to exceed $70.00. Motion by Donald Gunter, 2nd by Bud Reed. Passed 6-0.
  • Mayor presented information on County Fuel tax notice. $0.00 dollars collected for the Town. Mayor talked to the State and they will require 2 distributors to file amended reports.
  • No information from Attorney General office on opinion request.
  • Motion to adjourn by Donald Gunter, 2nd by Jimbo Quick.
  • Next meeting will by Jan. 28, 2019
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