April 15, 2019

  • Meeting called to order by Mayo Bates at 7:02pm.
  • Roll call by Clerk Connie Duke, all members present except Bud Reed.
  • Mayor asked for public comments. Mr. Gary Hardman addressed the council regarding boundary lines.
  • No other public comments.
  • Approved minutes of Mar. 18, 2019. Motion by Donald Gunter, 2nd by Jimbo Quick. Passed 5-0.
  • Mayor opened discussion on property for sale. For sale sign has been posted on Zack Smith property with asking price of $250,000.00.
  • Mayor asked if Town wants to make an offer on Smith Property. Any offer would be contingent on appraisal and financing. Motion to make offer by Jimbo Quick, 2nd by Donald Gunter. Passed 5-0.
  • It was noted of possibility of Mr. Smith getting a tax credit if he donated a portion of the land.
  • Approved invoices and payroll. Motion by Donald Gunter, 2nd by Jimbo Quick. Passed 5-0.
  • Mayor presented updated budget and year to date expenses.
    Heath Meherg presented that it is not necessary for the Town to take any more action on the Cordar vacate request. At this time Cullman County is in charge of the roads.
  • Heath Meherg updated still no response from Attorney General.
  • Mayor presented information from CDGB letter on road grants.
  • Discussed time restraints on filing and using funds.
  • Motion to adjourn by Jimbo Quick, 2nd by Matthew Blair.
  • Adjourned at 7:50pm.
  • Next meeting will be May 20, 2019.
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