August 19, 2019

  • Meeting called to order by Mayor Bates at 7:07 pm.
  • Roll Call by clerk Connie Duke. All council members present.
  • Mayor asked for Public comments: Question from the floor of when the Town takes over the roads. May 1, 2020. No other public comments.
  • Approved the Minutes of July 15, 2019 meeting. Motion by Jimbo Quick, 2nd by Donald Gunter. Passed 6-0.
  • Approved the Minutes of August 5, 2019 special meeting. Motion by Donald Gunter, 2nd by Matthew Blair. Passed 6-0.
  • Mayor presented information on grant opportunities. ARC grant deadline is this fall with 50/50 match.
  • Council discussed Storm Shelter or Farmers Market for first project.
  • Council decided on Storm Shelter first due to the safety of the citizens of the Town.
  • Discussed for Farmers Market possibility of “open air” or “carport” type structure that could be moved later if needed.
  • Mayor presented need for Election training for the Clerk.
  • Motion by Jimbo Quick and 2nd by Bud Reed to send the Clerk for training the first week of December with a cost not to exceed $1,200.00. Passed 6-0.
  • Mayor gave 2019 budget review. We are at or above projection for income and significantly below projects for expenses.
  • Mayor opened discussion for 2020 proposed budget. Discussed line items that are more than anticipated.
  • Discussed chip seal vs asphalt, how long does chip seal/asphalt last.
  • Decided to set up plan with the worst/most needed first and do 1st pass with chip seal to give time for 2nd pass with asphalt.
  • Final budget @ September regular meeting.
  • Approved invoices and payroll. Motion by Donald Gunter, 2nd by Bud Reed. Passed 6-0.
  • No Other business.
  • Motion to Adjourn by Bud Reed, 2nd by Donald Gunter.
  • Next Meeting will be September 16, 2019.
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