February 21, 2022

Regular Meeting

  • Meeting called to order by Mayor Patrick Bates on Monday, February 21, at 7:00 P.M. at the Berlin Town Hall.
  • Invocation – Councilman Donald Gunter.
  • Pledge of Allegiance – Mayor Patrick Bates.
  • Roll call by Town Clerk Keirstyn Montgomery. All members present.
  • Mayor Patrick Bates asked for public comments. There were none.
  • Approval of minutes from January 2022, Regular Meeting. Motion to approve made by Councilman Donald Gunter, second made by Councilman James Sanford. Approved 6-0.
  • Mayor Patrick Bates presented the following resolutions: RESOLUTION NO. 2022-001 AWARD FOR BUSH HOGGING/MOWING; RESOLUTION NO. 2022-002; RESOLUTION NO. 2022-003
  • Motion to approve RESOLUTION NO. 2022-001 AWARD FOR BUSH HOGGING/MOWING, RESOLUTION NO. 2022-002, RESOLUTION NO. 2022-003 made by James Sanford. Second made by Tony Duke. Approved 6-0.
  • Council discussed invoice and payroll advice from auditor Jeremy Jeffreys.
  • Councilman James Sanford made motion to purchase an outdoor bulletin board for Town Hall from Uline under state bid contract in the amount of $794.81. Seconded by Councilman Donald Gunter. Approved 6-0.
  • In other business, Council discussed implementation of business licenses.
  • Mayor Patrick Bates gave storm shelter grant update.
  • Council discussed Park & Recreation ideas.
  • Council discussed purchasing a second computer for Town Hall from State Bid List.
  • Adjourned at 7:29 PM.
  • The next meeting of the Berlin Town Council will be March 21, 2022, at the Berlin Town Hall at 7:00 PM.
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